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Sep 13, 2013
@ 2:09 pm
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Some of my favorite photos of you,
I’m sure,
Were taken by your former
Lover, friend etc,
Where is my courage?
I mean, where is my camera? 

In passing my little sister’s tears
Fell, bombing my neck and shoulder.
She stayed until the commercial
Then she left. That was Wednesday.

Thursday. Friday. Saturday.

Some days I fight more than before
A little less than the next
And your voice brings peace.
This is why we rarely speak.

If I’m African-american
The duality of myself,
Then that’s less African more american
It’s hard for us to find peace.

US, americans find |○ve in hopelessness
Kill to be civil democratic and liberal
I’ve killed to be perceived as $piritual
Clothed in my pride see how it shines

Just to have the timbre in your voice strip me down
To my brown basic
And naked African style.

And those few
Times in the park
Naked in the sun
The children the turtles the water
Listened to our songs
Enamored by our glow

A more African than american
African-american love poem.


Jul 6, 2013
@ 12:16 am
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Before u crush blacks.

Liquify. Resize. Blur.

Soften. Smoothen.

Before the capture,

The acquiescence,

of my digital soul

To your memory




Before you closed one eye

To better focus.

I stood before two

Eyes in a tumeric sky

Glowing plum colored stars


aiming for my insides.

And before u captured me

At the speed of your shutter,

My posture

My speech,

Was at the whim

Of your sounds

your sway

your blinks.


Apr 11, 2013
@ 10:10 pm
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sun kissed i

thought this up

in my sun kissed mind

being kissed by the sun 

on an herb type h^gh

blow the herb to the clouds

and watch son shine

sun kissed black hair broad nose full lips

sun kissed the moors the slaves Kemet

sun kissed my mind my nigga don’t trip

my nigga get hip

since all that’s black, im black as shit

olmec shit

they ‘ont make shit this black anymore

not this or that but

black from before 

where you see black amor

so you feel blacker more

now you feel black and sore like

all these niggas all these bitches

thinkin like men yall all ridiculous 

think like Maya

think like hooks

think like Davis

think like Brooks

we real cool in this League come look

i’m the son of the daughters of the dust

dashed to these jewels in my mind

dug around just to find 

the treasure of not givin fxcks

they mine

so i say what i want

i’m black i shine

i glow bruce leroy flow

baby take it to the flo

just a little mo

throw ya head back 

arch ya back

say it i’m black and beautiful


Apr 10, 2013
@ 1:56 am
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i am l o v e


ain’t been “ok” in 5 years

my big gorgeous smile

a facade for my peers.

"What’s good nigga?"

"Ain’t shit", but my fears

still afraid to weep

due to the weight of my tears.


I find it hard to sleep 

with the tears( tah-airs) from the years

my heart was ripped the fuck up 

and tossed to the rear

she movin on

and i did it appeared.

but i find it hard to sleep;

maybe i’m part of the weak?

but i’m still here.

i am  l o v e . 


these 4-letter clothes

fit the root of my locs

down to my pinky toes. 

apologies to those

women who were brilliant

thus lust my naked pose

women who were splendid

thus lust my naked prose

and my naked poems,

then dress me up like we got somewhere to go. 

so I left…


a trait I picked up from my father

gone, came, and left. 

returned, stayed, played, and left.

and if that was with his kids

then how his sons’ gon live? like

"You good, babygirl go head and rock your crown

you’re my queen to be, but I can’t be around.” 

So I left, like my pops


and ain’t been “ok” in 5 years

my big gorgeous smile 

a facade for my peers. 

i’m goin through somethin

i ain’t in your atmosphere

dashboard, newsfeed or timeline

i’m tryna find my piece of peace of mind

piecing together the pieces

that were broken by lies

my peace comes in pieces i digest one at a time

til em belly full and em spirit be divine.


i swo’ i was goin out of my mind

i lit the sensimilla for a recreation high

puffed 3 times and couldn’t believe my eyes

they heard what my ears saw

the almighty God,

she said,


goodchild on a whitecloud

shine bright emit light

fight dark follow heart

and  l o v e  like you ‘posed to.” 

i nodded my head

she kissed my skin and said “go boo.

do what i say; i speak truth.

if  l o v e  is the end

then  l o v e  is in you.”


i am  l o v e .

i am  l o v e .

i am  l o v e .

i am light.

black and under pressure shine bright

the fact the pressure dimmed my poems

but i lost vanity to release my bruce leroy glow

mental alchemy

turned prison bars in to gold.


the spoils of my mind

could’ve spoiled in my mind

if fear continued to reside.

but that bitch got evicted,

now my whole spirit’s lifted.

this is the gifted

perpetual high

so when the herb’s lit

it’s augmented 

bitch you can’t kill my vibe

you can’t steal my shine

but you can have my  l o v e

transmitted through God given talent from above.


sono  a m o r e .  


Oct 21, 2012
@ 9:20 am
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Tell me about the things you don’t speak about.

those things you bury in the creaky crevices of your psyche.

Try me.

Tell me those things your conscious lies about.

Deep down you fight and cry about 

all on your insides. all in those places where you can hide,

from every one else 

but your motherfuckin self.

Tell me.

what is there to lose? Your dignity is gone;

you live in a cocoon 

built out of lies.

deep down

you hope the truth to breakthrough

to live your life and fly

but it’s too comfy to move.

changing lies into 1/2 truths

you learned the alchemy

of the blind-

hearted and unkind.


Oct 18, 2012
@ 8:44 am
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I Found heaven at your entrances
Your Smile, eternal and worthwhile,
Sings the 7th
Sings the 7th
Sings the seventh choral arrangement.
A diapason composed of digitized coital echoes and
Melodic runs of body language
Turnt up so it’s felt up.

In concert you
Fluently deliver the metaphysical
In a way only your hips can articulate
In a way humans barely appreciate
But angels praise.
Moving in the time signature of forever
And rt the fuck now
Curly auburn tendrils adorn your crown
As we mortals, await anxious, for the slip
Of your sound.
Off your skin kiss
Sugar Brown

Rather than sip of the sweet waters you perspire
I choose to drown. Excess never felt like this.
Turn excess in to forever by the time the herb twist
Puff once for love two for trust and three for truth
And may we cease to exist and let the low lying smoke
Be our only proof.
Taken by the wind
Free from sin
Wanderlust took our wonder love
To places we have yet been.
We stayed we came we went.
No longer searching for each other
But vacationing to peace.


Oct 14, 2012
@ 8:35 pm
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The Seeds

In the wind we fell from the glint
In the eyes of the fruit
That hung from the hemp
But we were bound to rise again
Nurtured by the skin of Mama Earth
Whom took the time
To bless me with Her tint
It’s a gift not a curse
The crux of evil men
Is for them to rule the earth
And destroy the Heaven sent
But what’s survival of the fittest
When another is committed
To destruction and derision
But we still came up out that ig’nance
And we’re livin and we’re livin
We are shining like Bruce
Leroys of the future swingin
Swords of holy truth
Hatori Hanzo how I do
Crafting this for us to use
For slicing ma’fuckers
Still reaping stranger fruit
You see…

We the seeds We the seeds
We the seeds that fell from the poplar trees.

Watered by the tears and spit of the families. And we grew strong toward sunshine.


May 23, 2012
@ 10:13 am
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who tries to capture the wind?

it comes and it goes as it pleases. 


lean in to its touch,

fall in to its kiss,

whether it be gentle or passionate.

cherish the moment(s),

l i v e  i n  t h e m

f e e l  i n  t h e m

l o v e  i n  t h e m

if only for a second,

for they are as fleeting

as the wind itself.


Jan 25, 2012
@ 7:44 pm
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I stunt on these niggas


never front for no figures


who loves a good figure

light brown skin

match my dark brown liquor

I lick her; I love her. I kiss her;

I light my best with her

And when she’s high enough

She starts to paint her perfect picture

Just so happens that

I’m in it

With her

in her

She drops some jewels in my ear

as we journey to her center.

Where it’s

cooler than your hottest summer

warmer than your coldest winter

Paradise is quite nice to be honest nigga

Foreign flicks

exotic spliffs

main characters of brown-er tint

plot twists and her hips.

Poems from passion-nets

She cast from her lips 

to my neck to my chest

to my fingertips

where my pen is

writing this along her walls

contrary to the song

it will never fall

my my my

Kemetic queen

my nubian baby doll

I saw you in a dream

And I decided I would dream hard…


Jan 11, 2012
@ 2:50 am
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if it’s a million miles to your heart,

I’d be sure to wear good shoes

And carry lots of water

Sipping on memories of you. 


Jan 11, 2012
@ 2:07 am
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Did I ever cross your mind?

Make me understand

Bc all I have is time

Put me in your plans 

You said I always cross the line

Baby, I’m a man

I heard you tried them other niggas

they can’t love like I can

You say I’m always on the run

I told you come with 

And we could run to the sun

Be on our n.e.r.d. shit

But you were stuck in your cool

That absurd shit

And it was worthless 

Cuz them cool people never scratched your surface

'But we were urban intellects

Musing on music, books, and the internet

And it was heaven whenever we entered sex

Because we never left, unless

Breakfast came to interject.

Remember those good times? 


Jan 11, 2012
@ 1:10 am
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I found sex personified as a person

I’ve met plenty of people

But none as pure with such potential

I’ve pushed past pulchritude 

B/c I preyed on her mental

B/c I prayed for her mental

Where I found peace and pleasure

Rather than the pangs that pierced

me in the past

I pushed powerful pros to paper 

to make it last 

I pushed powerful pros to paper 

to make her crash

to make her crash 

to make her crash


May 11, 2011
@ 1:50 pm
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My Digression

Lyrical lust leaves lonely ones satisfied

As my verbs thrust and nouns caress her thighs

Similes kissing the neck of her

I found her spot. I got her locked, verbally sexing her.

My coital conjunctions corrupt her functions

Because I predicated my poetry to play on her potential.

Just think, with a pencil I can provide for her mental

A sensual place to get in to.

And arouse her intellect with my erotic dialect,

This will be a night we’ll never forget.

As I undress her stanza by stanza,

This here is lyrical lust,

Next time I’ll romance her.


Sep 24, 2009
@ 10:08 am
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Living to exist or living to make an impact? Living in a lie or was she living in the exact?

She always made time for her crazy fuckin ex that

Never really cared he was always just there

@the write right times when

Her confidence was spent

And she was vulnerable to the world

And this nigga cashed in

Like selling her dreams for ninety nine cent

and I said that her confidence was spent

But She wondered where it went

Well, We knew it all along

Us nerds that observe the “cool people’s” goings on

We heard then saw all of him doing wrong

And then cursed @ her for her going along

Cuz she never stopped to think

"He’s never here when I need him.

And it seems I always need him.

But I dont really need him,

cuz without him I have freedom.

He’s restricting and demanding.

And in this pool of love

I am the only one standing.

And he comes up for air just to say my name, ‘Brandy?’

So he can keep me on the hook

Stole my heart up his sleeve

But I am feeling like the crook.

Like if I up and just leave

then his feelings would be shook.

So much time we put in

I resided in his skin

He said he lived for my kiss…”

And that is where she missed.

Tragic love opera

With lumps in our throat we quote this soap opera

She was lost in his cool

And we were always on the outside

Wanting to feel it too

All the hurt and the pain

just to feel the cool…


Aug 31, 2009
@ 9:43 pm
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I always looked at love

Through rose colored glasses

Because the rose color is the color of my passion
And blood

I got cut and it all came crashing down as the frames fell off of my lashes

@ school for 4 years and they never had classes
For this

But I could write a dissertation on your lavish-ness
And kiss

It was hit or miss, but we used to be so classic

But I was like e…pses and you were more like da—hes

I was more like a run on and you were more like a clause

Come around once a year then you never call

But when I’m in your presence, babygirl we have a ball…
Doll, I swear that

You said it all through your actions

You can be MJ just let me be your Paxson

Depend on me when you need anything to happen

You swooned me with your words
But doll,

You said it all with your actions.